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1 of 500 is a story-based 3rd person adventure game in the time of Jesus, in which you as a fishing boy stand on the threshold to adulthood and are confronted with the big questions of life. While you have to master your own path and make difficult decisions, your path intersects with the most important story of all time: the story of Jesus of Nazareth. Immerse yourself in a strange world of bygone times. Discover and understand the culture, society, political and religious actors as well as the smouldering conflicts of this epoch. Let yourself be challenged to experience biblical history in its time from a new perspective. Closer. Deeper inside. More comprehensible and conflict-laden than ever before.
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Lightword Productions GmbH


Lightword Productions is an interdisciplinary and internationally positioned studio founded in 2018 and based in Stuttgart, Germany. Designers, programmers, artists, researchers and theologians combine excellence from various disciplines to create unique worlds and gaming experiences.

Evangelisches Medienhaus GmbH

Main Partner

Through the support of the digitization project of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg and international partners such as Biblebyte, Waouh and nonPareil Studios, it was possible to start this project. Further national and international cooperations are in the offing.

University Support

Scientific Elaboration

Our claim to reproduce the game world as faithfully as possible means that it is indispensable to rely on the support of experts in these fields of research. Therefore we are glad to count on the support of such experts at different universities nationally and internationally.

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